The sweet history of Tokaj does not end only in aszú. The divine pulpy flesh left after pressing heavenly berries – as well as the rich, redolent sediment of yeasts and delicate grape fibers that settles as a creamy mud at the bottom of the container during fermentation and adds beneficial textures, enhances complexity and imparts flavor – is turned into a majestic drink with impressive powers.

Pálinka is a unique high-proof fruit-brandy made exclusively from hand-picked yields of traditional orchards. With their harmonious flavor and irresistible bouquet of ripe fruit, it has been a legendary aqua vitae of Hungarian royalty. In wine producing regions such as Tokaj it is primarily fermented and double-distilled from grape pomace (törköly) or lees (seprő), and elsewhere also from plum (szilva), apricot (sárga-barack) or pear (körte) varieties indigenous to the fertile Carpathian basin with a unique micro-climate. Aged in oak barrels, pálinka has hidden special notes in its harmonious aroma of the pleasantly soft, spicy and sweet fruity background. Centuries of tradition guarantees the outstanding high quality, and innovative variants include pálinka aged on fruit-beds (ágyas) or even enriched with honey (mézes). Customarily served in a small tulip-shaped glass, it is recommended as a potent after-meal digestive and conversational lubricant. With a high alcohol content of up to 86%, the fruity world of this premium spirit carries an exquisite experience.

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